Eco-Friendly Green Studio

"Green" Filmmaking Eco-Iniative

Film Studios vs. Earth
California's film industry is the state's second largest polluter. (according to a recent study conducted at UCLA) So it's probably no surprise that traditional film and television production is an industrial operation that does more harm than good to our environment. It consumes enormous amounts of energy to run bright lights and equipment, and produces a myriad of waste material composed of everything from leftover food, to struck sets, and used scripts.

Our Commitment to the Environment
Brilliant Screen Studios recognizes the effects of our industry and takes steps everyday to minimize the negative impacts to the world around us. We have followed the guidelines set forth by the EMA Green Seal program to ensure that we are doing all that we can to provide a clean future for everyone.

Brilliant Screen Studios is an EMA Green Facility

Brilliant Screen Studios Maintains a "Green" Facility By Adhering to EMA's Green Seal Specifications:
  • Replaced tungsten bulbs with efficient fluorescents
  • Replaced CRT monitors with power-saving LCD displays
  • Replaced old appliances and HVAC components with Energy-Star rated equipment
  • Reuse Set Pieces and Supplies
  • No-Idle Rule for waiting trucks and talent transportation
  • Provides recycling receptacles for glass, paper, cardboard, cans, and wood.