Project Picture Gallery
Images courtesy of Brilliant Screen Studios, Ace Underhill, and Nicholas Mac Connell.

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Campaign Shoot - Mitt Romney For President '08

Shooting in Panavision 35mm

Brilliant Screen Crew with Weird Al Yankovic

Tracking Crane Shot for Delorean Motor Company

Night Shoot in the Brilliant Screen Backlot

Brilliant Screen's In-House Makeup FX and their "Victim"

Award-Winning Filmmaker, J.P. Pierce, Directs the Shot

Band Recording Space

Shooting for Steven Spielberg's "On The Lot"

Large Green Screen
Hard Cyc

Green Screen with Markings for Camera Motion Tracking

Sophisticated On-Set Monitoring and Scopes

Makeup / Wardrobe Room

Period shoot on Green Stage

Hi-Def, 24P Aquisition

Scene from "One Week"

Crane Shot
24P with 35mm Lenses

Outdoor Film Shoot

Scene from "Two Kings"

Shooting the interior of a Delorean

Panaflex 35mm Noir
"The Cross"

Wild Set built in Soundstage

35mm soundstage shoot
"Morning Glare"

Kodak Baby

Christine Evans Music Video Shoot

San Diego Filmmakers Meeting with Glenn Palmedo-Smith

Music Video Shoot in Soundstage